Vanavevhu is registered in the United States
as a 501.c3 charitable organization.

Vanavevhu is a Zimbabwean registered community trust. Trust Reg No.: MA0000059/2010

All donations are tax deductible.

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Make a Donation

Vanavevhu is growing. With new participants, a new location, and the establishment
of V2 Enterprises, we need funds to underwrite our expansion. Please make
a contribution toward our work in Zimbabwe. Your donation will ensure the future of
the young people of Vanavevhu. With very little support and few resources, these young
heads of household have shown great courage and ingenuity to enable their families
to survive. Now we want them to flourish.

$120/month or $1,500/year
will provide a family with groceries and utility payments for a year.

gives us the confidence to expand our reach and enroll more participants.

Any Contribution
Helps to support the operations of the organization. You will be providing funds
where we need it most to continue our work.