Our Program in a Nutshell

Vanavevhu's programming is developed around economic and food security for young families orphaned by AIDS. Young heads of household receive support to help stabilize and strengthen their families and participate in three years of educational and work-based programming that focuses on employment readiness through the development of soft skills and entrepreneurial skills.

  1. Year One: Security, Stability, and Practical Training
  2. Year Two: Workforce Development
  3. Year Three: Internship and Graduation

Graduates leave the program with solid skills for employment in the mainstream economy as well as a firm foundation for their ongoing responsibilities as heads of household. Each graduate receives an entrepreneurship kit as an exit package, which might include candles, gardening tools and seeds, beading supplies, or mechanic tools. In addition, graduates receive six months of job guidance, along with a curriculum vitae, reference letters, e-mail address, materials for a resilience gardening plot, and driver's license.